Signs You Need a Kitchen Renovation

Your kitchen is one of, if not the most important space in the house. It’s a place where you can spend time cooking a delicious romantic meal for your other half, chuck a ready meal in the microwave at the end of a long day or somewhere to experience family time cooking a big recipe or baking treats.

If you’re thinking about a kitchen remodel but aren’t sure whether you should, here are a few signs that you’re probably in need of a renovation.

Outdated kitchen design

If your kitchen is looking a bit bland or you’re hoping that your 70s green kitchen surfaces will come back into fashion soon, maybe it’s time for a redesign and renovation. With so many styles and themes out there, you can tailor your kitchen to suit your taste. This doesn’t mean that you need to make it more modern either – there are even traditional styles that incorporate that 70s olive green, if that’s your vibe! Here are some top styles that you could potentially fuse into your kitchen design:

  • Modern styles usually feature neutral colours and light wood in a spacious and well-lit area. They will also feature fancy, up-to-date appliances.
  • Contemporary styles also feature neutral, modern and streamlined designs but with splashes of colour and unique sections such as jazzy tiles, unusually shaped appliances or antique ornaments.
  • Traditional or older style kitchens can vary from rustic and industrial to antique and plain. Usually, they’ll be more colourful and mismatched with patterned tiles, darker woods and antique features, suiting older homes with traditional architecture or country houses.


You might also be looking for innovative ways to make the room a bit safer for staggering toddlers or playful pets. Handle less worktops and cabinets are a perfect option if you’re opting for a more modern design, as the handles won’t jut out. Instead, you can simply push lightly onto the door or cabinet and it will open.

If you’re someone who has collected and hoarded different mugs, cups and plates from various people over the years, redesigning your kitchen is a great excuse to buy new matching crockery too to call your own.

Impractical layout

It may be that your lifestyle or needs have changed over the years, meaning that the layout of your kitchen area has now become impractical. If you’ve acquired an extra housemate, or your other half has moved in, your kitchen might not be ready for any overflow of extra food, plates, mugs, cookery books and more waste. Or, if you’ve started a family and the little ones are no longer that little, your kitchen layout might be impractical and even potentially dangerous.

A poorly laid out kitchen can cause problems along the line – here are some considerations:

  • Central island – whether this is an extra space to wash up away from the preparation areas or somewhere for the kids to eat breakfast before school, a central island away from the main kitchen hub-bub is a useful addition.
  • Distance between areas – ultimately, a kitchen is a place to prepare and serve meals, so avoid setting the stove too far away from the sink or the fridge too far away from the stove. Areas too far away from each other will simply complicate tasks and mean more chance of slipping and tripping too.
  • Open plan – an open plan kitchen and dining room, or kitchen, dining and living areas, are increasingly more popular. It can also add between 3 and 5% value to your property.
  • Vertical storage – instead of stuffing items away in cabinets or cluttering up your worktops, consider slide-out racks, shelves above the sink and hooks to hang utensils and cookware.

Running out of space

Whether your surfaces are cluttered with general everyday stuff that you can’t find a home for or random appliances you don’t usually use are taking up all the space, consider a kitchen renovation to take into account more storage space.

In a home, storage is a must and the kitchen seems to generate more stuff than most. From essentials like food, crockery and cutlery to extras like matches, scissors and takeaway menus, there is so much that a kitchen can collect over time. When designing a bespoke kitchen design with the experts, remember that you need to take into account the storage options – here are some ideas:

  • Slide-out drink holders – a slim pull-out shelf can store multiple drinks bottles instead of having them stacking up on countertops or taking up valuable cupboard space, from squash and fizzy drinks to beer and cooking oils.
  • Racks and shelves – wine racks, spice racks, shelves to put cookbooks on, higher shelves for jars of pasta and rice, hot drinks shelve, mug racks… we could go on!


  • Hanging items – why not opt for a hooked area to hang any big utensils, cookware, tea towels or chopping boards to save on cupboard space?
  • Under-sink storage – many people use the space under the sink to store odds and ends but you could use it more wisely. Try and include recycling bins, cleaning products, bin bags and extra shopping bags under here to keep them out of sight.
  • Pull out or fold out cabinets – from a pull-out bin that doesn’t just sit on the floor to a fold-out shelf that can tuck away spices, consider a few nifty tricks like these to store odds and ends.

Leaks, scrapes and mould

If you’ve literally given up using the chopping board and just use your surface instead, or something always seems to be leaking, perhaps this is a sign your kitchen is no longer a well-looked after space and is in desperate need of a little TLC.

It’s no secret that water leaking can cause mould too. Whether it’s from the dishwasher, sink, fridge or washing machine, mould can start to form in both obvious and invisible areas. A perfectly placed bin or convenient potted plant might hide this, but, the fact is, mould can be dangerous. Not only does it damage your property but it can also cause lasting problems for you, your housemates or family’s health. If you’re experiencing excess leakage which is developing into mould, perhaps it’s time for a full kitchen renovation, complete with new plumbing and safe appliances.

Scratches and scrapes, of course, are a fact of life and general wear and tear will affect the kitchen along with all areas of the house. But, if the scrapes are so visible to the point you just don’t want to take the time to fix it or you don’t take pride in your kitchen, it’s probably time to upgrade your kitchen.

Whether your kitchen is ridden with one or all three of these defects, these are all sure signs that you need a brand new kitchen that you can take pride in and enjoy spending time there.

It’s reducing the value of your home

A kitchen is one of the first rooms that buyers will view and judge the rest of your home by. If you’re looking to sell up your house within the next few years and your kitchen is looking tired, worn and is impractical, a kitchen renovation can be one of the best and useful things you can do.

A quick kitchen makeover such as changing over the worktops or replacing old tiles can offer an attractive return in property value. However, a completely new kitchen finished with storage areas, working fitted appliances and a decent layout can add up to 10% to the value of your property. Your home will be more desirable than others and buyers won’t have to think about fixing up the kitchen once they move in. If you’re looking to go all out, extending your kitchen with a side-return extension and gaining space to improve the layout can add 15% to the value – definitely something to think about!

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